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Bud-e Reading

Give children the power that comes from being able to read. Give them Bud-e Reading — the foundational reading program that sets children up to succeed at school. Bud-e Reading is a program designed by Jill Eggleton QSO, our leading international educational consultant in literacy and author of over 800 children's books. Bud-e gives children a head start as they prepare for school and makes learning to read fun, motivating and rewarding. 


Bud-e is a fun, lavishly illustrated series of picture books, designed to teach children to love reading and become independent readers.

Bud-e will introduce your child to the key skills in learning to read and write words
  • Oral Language development — listening and speaking skills

  • Comprehension — thinking skills

  • Learn to read and write a bank of common sight words

  • Be introduced to phonics — letter names and sounds

  • Be exposed to and learn poems

  • A focus panel on each spread provides support for a teacher or parent assisting the reader.

For more information and guidance read Jill's letter to parents.

Every printed Bud-e book has a focus panel for the parent or teacher.

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