Bud-e Reading

Give children the power that comes from being able to read. Give them Bud-e Reading — the foundational reading program that sets children up to succeed at school. Bud-e Reading is a program designed by Jill Eggleton QSO, our leading international educational consultant in literacy and author of over 800 children's books. Bud-e gives children a head start as they prepare for school and makes learning to read fun, motivating and rewarding. 


Bud-e is a fun digital app and series of lavishly illustrated picture books, designed to teach children to love reading and become independent readers.

Bud-e will introduce your child to the key skills in learning to read and write words
  • Oral Language development — listening and speaking skills

  • Comprehension — thinking skills

  • Learn to read and write a bank of common sight words

  • Be introduced to phonics — letter names and sounds

  • Be exposed to and learn poems

  • A focus panel on each spread provides support for a teacher or parent assisting the reader.

For more information and guidance read Jill's letter to parents.

Every printed Bud-e book has a focus panel for the parent or teacher.

Bud e Overview   Learn to Read HD

Bud e Overview Learn to Read HD

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Bud-e Reading App

The Bud-e Reading App is a perfectly executed blend of learning and play.

Children will explore, interact and have fun with the wonderful world of Bubblo while taking there first steps to reading and writing on their own.

What's included?

a magical 3D world, designed by a leading game design studio, for the children to explore with characters to interact with and an engrossing back-story that encourages children to read more books.

  • 31 delightfully funny stories written by Jill Eggleton

  • Learn to read and write 24 high-frequency sight words

  • Learn A-Z letter sounds and phonological awareness

  • Learn vital comprehension skills so children learn to think about what they are reading

  • 15 original poems and 18 original songs to sing along with, written by Jill Eggleton

  • Interactive educational games that children will love to play.

Get Bud-e back to Bubblo

Download the Bud-e Reading App from the links below and try out the first two digital books for FREE

For more information about the Bud-e Reading App go to Bude.club

Bud e Out of Bubblo Introduction

Bud e Out of Bubblo Introduction

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