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Independent Activity

There are three Bud-e Creative books in Bud-e Reading.

  • Bud-e Creative I is linked to Bud-e Reading books 1–20

  • Bud-e Creative II is linked to Bud-e Reading books 21–40

  • Bud-e Creative III is linked to Bud-e Reading books 41–60

Every Bud-e book has a related page in the Bud-e Creative book. 

Each page has a large blank space for the children to draw on or to respond in their own way to the Bud-e book they have just read. The illustration in the top right-hand corner is a suggestion for what the children could draw by themselves. If there is no illustration, direct your children to draw what they would like to and you write the word on the line provided.


A text from the book is also provided so that the Bud-e Creative book becomes the child’s own personal book to read and reread.


Bud-e Creative books will:

  • encourage children to respond to a text in their own way

  • encourage creativity

  • encourage children to become independent 

  • provide them with their personally illustrated book they can read independently

  • provide reading practice.

softcover > 245 mm x 245 mm

20 pages

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