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A read-aloud book to introduce children to Bud-e and Bubblo. Bubblo is a world inside a bubble that spins around above the clouds. It is the world where Bud-e lived, until he was sucked out of the black hole and fell to Earth. How will Bud-e ever get back to Bubblo?


"I'm growing, growing, growing 

a Bubblo tree. 

It will reach up high 

through the clouds in the sky,

when kidlos read to me!"


Bud-e Reading books focus on teaching children to read and write the most common high-frequency words (also known as sight-words) in order to launch them into the world of independent reading. These stories have been developed with strong storylines all told in rich, colourful illustrations to give children a joyful reading experience.  For more information on this title go to the Bud-e Reading resource page on this website.

Out of Bubblo

SKU: 9781927307007
  • softcover > 245 mm x 245 mm > 32 pages

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