Oh Me, Oh My! is a picture book text in which a quirky parrot and an elephant go on a mission to find the sun after days of rain.


It had been raining for days and days. Owl, who knew everything, said, “The sun has fallen from the sky.”

“Oh me, oh my, oh me, oh my. 

The sun has fallen from the sky!” 

said Parrot and Elephant. 

So off they went to find the sun ...


A humorous, richly illustrated story told with a lot of tongue-in-cheek and which is just plain satisfyingly silly.

Oh Me, Oh My!

SKU: 9781927307861
  • Softcover > 225 mm x 240 mm > 32 pages >Includes an audio file of the author reading the story.

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  • Jill Eggleton

    Illustrated by Richard Hoit