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Key Links Modelled Writing cards are practical examples of how a teacher might model a lesson for students. They are intended for modelling to groups at the specific stages within Level 1 (Beginning, Progressing, Advancing) 


They are suggestions only, but they do show the metalanguage and writing strategies that are appropriate for these stages. They demonstrate how the writing targets or achievement objectives are incorporated in every modelled lesson. 


The support cards included are suggestions for Organisation of Groups and Writing Targets appropriate  for the level.


This downloadable digital pack contains 5 level 1 Modelled Writing lesson cards, 1 Writing Target card and 3 weekly Organisation Charts:

  • Wind: Recounting a personal experience
  • Red Shoes: Recounting a personal experience
  • Bert: Giving a description
  • Ants on the Cake: A moment in time
  • Eggs: Giving an opinion
  • Writing Targets level 1ii
  • Organisation Charts

Modelled Writing Cards: Level 1 Progressing

  • This file can be opened and viewed with the free version of Adobe Acrobat available from Adobe here

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