Brachio is a picture book text gorgeously illustrated by Richard Hoit in which an enormous but kind dinosaur wants to join in the dinosaur dance and protect the small mouse lizards at the same time. This inevitably brings him into conflict with the other dinosaurs.


When the moon was hanging in the sky like a giant yellow ball, the night was right for the dinosaur boogie. Dinosaur tails went flick, flick, slap!

Dinosaur teeth went snip, snip, snap!

Dinosaur legs went jump, jump, thump!

Dinosaur bodies went wiggle, wiggle, bump!

Wiggle, wiggle, bump!

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, bump!


Jill Eggleton takes children on a fun ride through prehistoric times to tell a tale of friendship and conflict resolution


SKU: 9781927307809
  • Softcover > 225 mm x 240 mm > 24 pages >Includes an audio file of the author reading the story.

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  • Jill Eggleton

    Illustrated by Richard Hoit