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Wobbling Whiskers

Written by Jill Eggleton

Illustrated by Ricky Rumsey

Social-Emotional Competency:
Relationship skills: kindness and consideration

Wobbling Whiskers is a picture book text in which a large mouse tries to encourage a smaller, timid mouse to be brave and go hunting for food with him.


“Mice are not scared,” said Big Mouse. ‘‘Mice are big and brave like me.” And Big Mouse puffed himself up so much, he nearly popped out of his skin. 


But when Big Mouse peeped out of the hole, he saw a fat, furry tail and claws on paws …


What happens when the brave Big Mouse comes across a situation that terrifies him? With beautifully comic illustrations by Ricky Rumsey, Jill Eggleton explores the feelings of being scared and lets children know that these feelings are normal and okay.

Softcover > 240 mm x 225 mm

32 pages > full colour throughout > includes audio of the author reading the story

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