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Uncle Wunkle and Miggle Mouse

Written by Jill Eggleton

Illustrated by Grant Snow

Social-Emotional Competency:

Self-management: openness and flexibility

Uncle Wunkle and Miggle Mouse is a picture book text splendidly illustrated by Grant Snow. Jill Eggleton explores what happens when a fastidious character in the form of Uncle Wunkle encounters a situation he initially doesn't like — will he be open to change?


Uncle Wunkle was coming to stay. “Miggle Mouse will have to stay in her cage. Uncle Wunkle doesn’t like mice,” said Mrs Moggle. But that night Miggle Mouse squeezed out of her cage and into Uncle Wunkle’s room! “There is a mouse in this house,” said Uncle Wunkle. “I will catch it tomorrow in a snap-snap trap!” 

Oh, no! Look out, Miggle Mouse!

Softcover > 240 mm x 225 mm

24 pages > full colour throughout > includes audio of the author reading the story

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