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Peggy Loo and Poppy Woppy

Written by Jill Eggleton

Illustrated by Gabriella Klepatski

Social-Emotional Competency:

Responsible decision-making: evaluating consequences

Peggy Loo and Poppy Woppy is a picture book text superbly illustrated by Gabriella Klepatski. Jill Eggleton takes a comical look at the differences between youth and old age with these two endearing characters.


Peggy Loo asked Poppy Woppy if he could bounce on her trampoline, if he could do flips, climb ropes, swing and dance! “That’s easy-peasy,” said Poppy Woppy. “Easy-peasy doodle-dee-di. You can do anything if you try.”

Well, almost anything . . .

Softcover > 240 mm x 225 mm

24 pages > full colour throughout > includes audio of the author reading the story

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