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Molly Moo Loo

Written by Jill Eggleton

Illustrated by Warren Mahy

Social-Emotional Competency:

Responsible decision-making: evaluating consequences

Molly Moo Loo is a picture book text wonderfully illustrated by Warren Mahy. Jill Eggleton takes us on an adventure with a silly cow who decides to go for a walk when the paddock gate is left open.


One day, Molly Moo Loo saw a gate open and she thought to herself, “I need to have an adventure.” So out the gate, she went. When the big black bull saw Molly Moo Loo, he wanted to go, too. And so did the long-legged horse and a bunch of woolly sheep.

None of them knew where they were going, except Molly Moo Loo. She was having an adventure.

Softcover > 240 mm x 225 mm

24 pages > full colour throughout > includes audio of the author reading the story

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