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Big Bubba

Written by Jill Eggleton

Illustrated by Richard Hoit

Social-Emotional Competency:

Responsible decision-making: evaluating consequences

Big Bubba is a picture book text about a young hippo who lives in the Ringting River with his papa and mama. Big Bubba loves to do things his way and doesn’t listen to his parents’ warnings. This, of course, leads Big Bubba into trouble on more than one occasion. Can Big Bubba learn to listen to his papa and his mama before he gets into real big trouble?


A beautifully illustrated story in which Jill Eggleton takes children on a journey with a lovable character and gently reminds them that their parents want what is best for them.

Softcover > 240 mm x 225 mm

24 pages > full colour throughout > includes audio of the author reading the story

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