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image from Out of Bubblo book

Bubblo is a world inside a bubble that spins around above the clouds. It is the world where Bud-e lived, until he was sucked out of the black hole and fell to Earth.

It was all because of Squirio, the mischievous Bubblo, that Bud-e fell to Earth. Squirio wanted Bud-e's magic seed.

What is the magic seed? And how will Bud-e ever get back to Bubblo?

Read aloud Out of Bubblo to introduce children to the Bud-e character, where he comes from and his purpose.

Once the book has been read, put it in a library area for children to look at whenever they want to. They can look at the illustrations and retell the story in their own words. As this is a read-aloud book, they will not be expected to read it.


Out of Bubblo

Written by Jill Eggleton

Illustrated by Rob Kiely

image from Out of Bubblo book

softcover > 245 mm x 245 mm

32 pages

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