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The Bubblo Bop is a rap that teaches all the letters of the alphabet in a fun way.

This is the rap that Bud-e, Squirio and Tilly, from the land of Bubblo, teach to the kidlos on the Earth World.

The rap can first be said using the name of the letter.

Then it can be said again, using the sound of the letter.

When children read Bubblo Bop they will learn:

  • to recognise and name the letters of the alphabet (a–z)

  • to hear and say the first sound in words (/a/ apple, /a/ ape, /g/ goat, /j/ giraffe)

  • to recognise how sounds can be written (/e/ egg — e, /e/ eel — ee, /j/ giraffe — g, /g/ goat — g

  • that a sound can be written with one letter — a /a/ apple, b /b/ ball, c /k/ cat
     OR more than one letter — ee /e/ eel, wh /w/ whale, a_e /a/ ape, etc.

  • that the same letter can be pronounced in different ways g — /j/ giraffe, g — /g/ goat; u — /u/ underpants, u — /u/ unicorn.


Bubblo Bop teaches children the foundations for understanding how the alphabetic code of English works.

Happy bopping!


Bubblo Bop

Bud-e Alphabet Rap

Written by Jill Eggleton

softcover > 245 mm x 245 mm

32 pages

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