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USA 978-0-325092-79-9

Record of Oral Language

Observing Changes in the Acquisition of Language Structures

Written by Marie M. Clay, Malcolm Gill, Ted Glynn, Tony McNaughton, Keith Salmon

Proficiency in oral language has long been considered important by teachers for self-expression and for communicating ideas. Children who are learning to speak English catch on to the rules:


  • by grasping first the early structures,

  • then those of medium difficulty,

  • and, finally, those of greater difficulty.


Awareness of features which will allow a learner to master a wide range of structural knowledge about English sentences should help teachers develop more powerful language programmes.


This book describes a technique for recording and assessing change in children’s oral language development. It was developed for research studies in young children. Experience has shown that Record of Oral Language helps practising teachers to observe and understand changes in young children’s language. This book is directed towards teachers who wish to do this. It is appropriate for ESL.

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48 pages