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The Level 1 Key Links Writing programme is here and available now!

Take a look inside the box:

Key Links Writing is a comprehensive resource for the foundation and early years of writing development.

A practical teaching tool, it gives teachers a blueprint to successfully implement a writing programme that assists students as they begin their exciting writing journey.


Key Links Writing provides writing targets and goals for the various stages of writing development, models for four different writing approaches, an example of how to organise the writing block, and much more.


New Zealand enquiries: 0800 724 652

Australian enquiries: 1800 021 233

All other enquiries please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  



Click the disc to access the free digital material for Key Links Writing (this will load in a new browser window)

Teacher Tools
Writing Target cards x 3
Alphabet/Blend card x 1
Organisation Day Sample card x 1
Organisation Charts x 3
Teacher-Student Conference cards x 3
I can . . . Sticker pad x 1
Published Writing Examples x 3
Writing Approaches
Modelled Writing cards x 36
Shared Writing cards x 6
Shared Image Focus cards x 3
Guided Writing cards x 3
Mirrored Writing cards x 2
Mirrored Writing image card x 1

Writing Progressions (Exemplars) x 1
Teacher’s Resource Book x 1

Student Tools
Idea Seed cards x 48
Writing Steps cards x 3
Alphabet/Blend cards x 30
My Word Bank cards x 30
My Writing exercise books x 30